With over 830 million users globally, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network. LinkedIn for business helps you establish trust, build a significant network, and gain insider knowledge from industry experts. LinkedIn offers solutions for both job seekers and companies, allowing you to find a job, recruit top talent, and promote your firm as an industry major player.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network where you can engage and grow with a wide web of professional experts. Apart from seeking potential candidates for your firm, You can use your LinkedIn profile to tell your company’s story and grow its name on an international platform. You can introduce a new product on this platform and pull leads and traffics to your business. Moreover, you can track your growth and know where you stand when compared to your competitors.

Well, now enough with all these lengthy intros. Let’s get down to business.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing.

  • Create and optimize your LinkedIn Page.

Duh!!!!! For LinkedIn marketing, you need a LinkedIn page first. But the art lies in optimizing your page. According to LinkedIn statistics, the companies with complete profiles get 30% more views. So don’t overthink it; start by filling up your company profile with all the necessary aesthetics. 

  • Increase Your Follower Count.

Now that your page is up and running, it’s time to boost your profile’s exposure. According to LinkedIn experts, once your page gains 150 followers, growth opportunity becomes exponential. One of the greatest strategies to promote your page is to create a LinkedIn group connected to your company page or join other LinkedIn groups with similar interests as your firm. Share valuable content with them. Mark your identity. Make them notice you. 
Other ways to promote your page would be to:

  • Ask your employees to spread the word. 
  • Add the LinkedIn Follow button to your company’s official website.
  • Link your LinkedIn profile to your other Social media Platforms.
  • Set Your Target

Now it’s time to set the target and hit them. 
– Who is your audience? 
– What do they want? 
Always remember that your goal is to reach your audience, not just promote your company and your products. Study your audience, analyze their behaviors, stalk them, and be a psychologist. Show them what they want to see. Earn their attention. Make them engage with what you have to say.

  • Strengthen Your Backbone

When it comes to marketing strategies, the backbone of it would be, without a doubt – Content. Without content – you have nothing. For producing engaging content, relevancy is the key. You must provide authentic, useful, creative, and informational content to your audience without a second thought.
Some best content strategies would be:

    • Be consistent: Consistency is the key. Deliver content regularly. Make your audience hungry for the knowledge you are about to deliver. 
    • Set up a social media calendar: Create a content calendar and stick to it. You can use social media tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule content.
  • Be experimental & creative: Try different varieties of content – short content, long content, creative pictures, vlogs, videos, blog posts, infographics, webinars, podcasts, etc. Play around with these. And see what works for you. According to LinkedIn analysts, videos get 5x more engagement and live videos get 24x more engagement on LinkedIn. Utilize holidays to post creative and interesting themed content and stand out from the crowd. 
  • Post on the best time: Releasing content at the best time will skyrocket your content’s reach. There is no one best time. But depends upon various factors considering the behavioral tendencies of your targeted audience. There are various social media tools available that will figure out the optimum time for your content to release and schedule it accordingly.
  • Track and Assess

So you’ve delivered relevant content. Now what? It’s time to improvise. How to improve? Learn from your mistakes. Simple. Track the responses to your posts. Track the demographics of the audience responded. Analyses what worked and what didn’t. Correct your mistakes. Repeat.  LinkedIn has an in-built analytic tool. However, tools such as Hootsuite Analytics are accessible if you wish to track more metrics.

Do. Analyze. Improvise. Repeat. 

  • Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn showcase pages are an extension of your existing page where you may highlight key aspects of your business, such as specific goods or campaigns, and so segment your target audience further, allowing you to provide highly relevant information to a portion of your audience. For the same company profile, you might have various showcase pages for different goals.
You may also use LinkedIn to drive traffic by employing sponsored advertising, sponsored texts, lead generating forms, and other methods.

Don’t consider your task done just because you’ve optimized your LinkedIn settings. Keep your page up to date with all the latest trends. Participate in LinkedIn discussions. Maintain active participation in groups and comment sections by engaging with the audience and responding to remarks. Make contacts with other businesspeople.

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Phew!!! That was a quick rundown of using LinkedIn to grow your business. 

Always remember that the audience is the teacher and the client of your business and that the content is the backbone. Let’s wrap up on that note. Adios folks!!!