Many businesses are still struggling to improve their visibility in the search engines due to lack of proper SEO optimization. SEO in 2021 is not the same as it was a few years back. There is a need for a specialist who can analyse and understand the degree of effort needed to achieve the ranking.

A skilled SEO specialist will be looking into a couple of areas in and out of the website while doing SEO optimization. The major categories of SEO processes are discussed below:

Research & Audit
One should do a pre-research on the industry focused keywords which are relevant to the business service that can trigger traffic. Apart from keyword research, we also should run a website audit to understand the current position of the website in the search engines as well as in terms of technical specifications.

Technical SEO
Before starting seo activities, one should make sure that the website is technically optimized and indexed in the google search console. This will help in identifying future errors as well as real time monitoring of traffic.

On Page SEO
Depending upon the keyword research, the on-page optimization cheat sheet should be prepared which includes title, metas, tags with relevant keywords. The on-page seo mainly focusing on the content which needs to be updated on your site to deliver high CTR (Click through Rate)

Off page SEO
The off-page seo is a recurring activity which will help the brand distribute quality content through other channels. Some of the off-page activities are bookmarking, submissions, blogging, social media mentions, articles etc.

Link Building
Link building is a type of off-page activity which needs a separate focus as it’s a very important factor deciding SEO ranking. By continuously improving your backlink quality and count, the faster your website will rank.

Page User Experience
Apart from all these, the main challenge is the user experience. Once the visitors are not engaging with the content or the navigation, this directly affects the ranking. Thus content and page experience should be analysed and optimized regularly.


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